Baya's EIDL Application Tracker

I’m an attorney. Below are the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) applications I have submitted for clients. My clients don’t speak English. If you need to apply for an EIDL, you don’t need my help; if Congress funds the program again you can apply on the SBA’s site.

Average “offered” loan amount: $[gv_math scope=”form” id=”99″]round({Approved Amount:289:avg})[/gv_math]. Sum of all “offered” loans: $[gv_math scope=”form” id=”99″]{Approved Amount:289}[/gv_math]

Submitted: The date I submitted the short form for the client.

Portal: The date the SBA made a loan amount available for the client in the portal.

Client Accepts: The date the client accepted the proposed loan amount in the portal.

Grant: The date the client received the grant/advance in their account.

Declined: The date SBA declined the application.

Loan Docs: The date the client received the loan agreement for e-signature.

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